Monday, July 6, 2015

Keep Cool this Summer Without Turning Up the AC

How do you keep your home and your family cool in the summer? Often the heart of summer means uncomfortable heat waves and unpleasant humidity. Turning up the AC is an option, but not always the best one.

Often times people don’t like the “closed-up” feeling of a house that occurs when the air conditioning is on, and constantly running the AC can also be very expensive.

But, guess what? There are more ways to cool off than turning on an energy-hogging AC unit. You can create shade and a cool and comfortable spot all summer long without increasing your electric bill at all.

Window Awnings

Custom Window Awnings prevent the sun’s heat from entering your house through your windows, you can keep the interior of your home cooler by up to 20%.

Window awnings are not only energy-efficient, but they can also protect your interior furnishings from the bleaching effects of direct sunlight.

For those sensitive to bright light, they can reduce the glare of direct sun while still allowing you to keep the windows open and the breeze blowing.

Window awnings are custom-made in a wide range of designs to complement your style and that of your home.

They are available in a retractable design, so that you can customize how much light and heat enter your home at various times of the day. Motorized versions make it a cinch to operate awnings on a second story or other hard-to-reach windows.

View our gallery of window awnings here:

Solar Shades – Interior and Exterior

Solar shades are retractable shades made from attractive woven mesh fabric that creates discreet shade, privacy, or both.

Available for the interior or exterior of your home, solar window shades are an ideal low-impact solution for overheated spaces and areas that lack privacy.

A traditional shade will block everything out…including your cherished view of the beautiful outdoors! The unobtrusive look of a solar shade maintains outdoor views, and eliminates that closed-in feeling.

An added bonus to solar shades is their sleek and unobtrusive design. When fully retracted, shades are concealed in a low-profile housing unit that naturally blends with your home’s existing appearance.

So, when you want a full view of the outdoors and maximum sunlight, retract your shades and it’s like they aren’t even there!

Solar shades are also available in a wide array of styles, ensuring that they will enhance your home’s interior or exterior look.

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